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The Krisha MY.
117' KRISHA*

Interior design with special emphasis on the pilothouse for function, style and comfort.

The Krisha's Pilothouse.

This design gives the captain easy access to the extensive array of navigation equipment and provides comfortable seating for any visitors and crew to relax while cruising.
For more pilothouse see: Dorothea's Pilothouse

Detail of the Krisha's Pilothouse.

A detail view of the pilot's station with its easy access to navigation equipment and unobstructed forward view.

Krisha's Pilothouse Lounge

Just aft of the pilothouse, Krisha's sky lounge features spacious comfort and large panoramic windows. Between pilothouse and lounge is a communication station to port and an engineering station for ship's systems to starboard (not shown).

Krisha's Main Salon and Dining Area

Krisha's main salon features sculptured seating and cabinetry, indirect hidden lighting, a complete dining area, and plentiful space for after meal relaxation.
For more salons: Dorothea's Salon

Krisha's Master Stateroom

The master stateroom, located on the main deck under the forward trunk is framed by pillars and matching night stands. The high sloping ceiling gives this cozy area a majestic aura.
For more staterooms see: Dorothea's Stateroom or Wanigan's Stateroom

Photos by: Neil Rabinowitz